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Listed below are the classmates that attended our reunion...
And many more sent back their RSVP so we could update their info. And this is where all of you come in...

Although our 'official' class size is listed at 247, we have 310 on our mailing list. There were quite a few shown in our Moguls that didn't actually go through graduation with us, but they were a part of our class none the less. Some of them were only with us for a year or two, while others didn't leave us until high school days.

There are also several fellow graduates that seemed to have disappeared after graduation. We've tried locating family members, and classmates that may have kept in touch throughout the last 25 years, but some are still missing.

Through the power of the internet, we're hoping that some of these "lost" classmates can be found before our next reunion in 2007. Below is a list of those classmates. If you know how we can contact anyone, please send us an email, or have them contact us!

Here's who was there...
Judy Auw, Laurie Bacon, Jim Boelens, Sue Braafhart, Betsy Brookhouse, Scott Bunker, Pam Burt, Lynette Bushen, Amy Cregg, Dan Dawe, Brian Deiters, John Deitz, Dave Derks, Mike Derks, Tim Doney, Stacey Dougan, Bev Eldred, Jim Featherstone, Karen Fuller, Jean Garfield, Bill Hall, Tammy Hanna, Tim Hooker, Jane Jeannero, Marijo Johnson, Sandy Johnson, Jane Keehl, Beth Kendall, Don Klingel, Paul Krapp, Denise Krehn, Terri Krim, Scott Looman, Jayne Lummen, Cathy Meyers, Tom Moss, Paul Nadeau, Chuck Paris, Greg Parks, Sue Petropoulos, John Petz, Dan Price, Paul Ranville, Kris Robart, Arlene Roman, Bob Romine, Paul Rottier, Joan Shue, Lynne Splitstone, Dave Stroven, Lynne Swanson, Kathy Thenikl, John Tillman, Mary Tinney, Sue VanSickle, Ann Vermeulen, Linda Visger, Cindy Wallace, Rich Wheater, Bruce White, Jan Wissner, Jill Zahrt.

And here are the 'Lost'...if you're listed here, we either can't find you, or we haven't heard back to know your address is good!
Penny Adams, Doug Austin, Mary Baker, Milton Beatty, Lisa Blizzard, Linda Bouwsma, Tim Breuker, Sally Buitendorp, Mary Bultman, Jane Calkins, Becky Cowles, Linda Cowles, Brenda Dancz, Roger Debats, Terri Denhof, Don DeWispelaere, Becky Durham, Jace Durham, Stacey Evans, Ernie Geeting, George Griffin, Branson Harrison, Dave Hefner, Pete Hepp, Lyle Hinton, Pam Hull, Jan Johnson, Julie Johnson, Tim Kohns, Karen Larson, Dana Lee, Randy Longcore, Pam Longcore, Steve MacPherson, Mark Maher, Luz Maldonado, Reo Maynard, Darla McLean, Greg Merten, Chuck Mollette, Brent Monroe, Sue Morton, Pam Olsen, Denise Parsons, Debra Pearson, Pete Pederson, Marcia Pell, Carla Pereira, Jeff Pickett, Brian Poel, Joke Potgeiter, Kathie Rodda, Tom Roth, Cathy Schutter, Roger Shell, Walter Sluiter, Robert Smith, Dave Somers, Peggy Sondeen, Cindy Stevens, Lorraine Storms, Linda Sutton, Steve Thomas, Sussan Timmreck, Linda Tindall, Christy Tyler, Tammie VanHassel, Joe VanZant, Rose Walker, Rob Wardell, Jim West, Alfreda Whitesell-LaCoss, Steve Widing, Jeannie Woodrum.