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Who are we?
We were the 98th graduating class from Fremont High School. Our class is still the largest in the history of FHS...247 graduates attended the ceremony in the high school gym on Tuesday, June 7, 1977. There were also many that, although they didn't go through the ceremony, became a big part of us and we continue to include them today.

Robert Eisner was our Principal, and we watched the 'changing of the guard' from Gordon Ringquist to John Mellema as our Assistant Principal. (Here's one to make us feel older...Mr. Mellema retired at the end of the 2001-2002 school year after 33 years in education, 21 of those years as FHS Principal!)

Class Officers
Stacey Dougan

Vice President:
Dave VanKoevering

Marsha Bitson

Tom Slocum

Caryn Bushaw

Roger Klassen

Where were we?
The High School is located at 204 East Main Street in Fremont, Michigan. If you were to visit the school today, you'd see many changes! With new times comes a new look...if they would've told us back then that the halls would be carpeted, we would've told them they were crazy!

Remember needing a jacket to get to the lunchroom? And walking from the locker rooms/pool to the main building with wet hair in the winter?? And who would've imagined an elevator to get to the second floor?? Kids these days don't realize just how easy they've got it!!

And good luck finding the old Office, not that we really wanted our presence to be requested there! It has relocated to the new 'main' entrance on the Darling Street side, which used to be a parking lot and courtyard! Hopefully you get a chance to stop in at the school sometime to see the changes firsthand. It really looks great!

Visitors to our site

Thanks for stopping in for a visit...

We hope you enjoy our little site here! Please check back often, as we'll be building and improving as we get a chance! We've added candid photos of our 25th reunion, and hope that you enjoy them.

Our 30th Reunion will be held in the summer of 2007. Drop us an email at FHSClassof77@aol.com so we have your email address and can keep you up to date on our plans. 

Hopefully you're still in touch with a few of our classmates. Tell them about our site! If you have any tidbits you'd like added, feel free to send us an email.


The 'old' main entrance

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